OUT Team

  • Flood Bian
    Flood Bian CEO
    With over 15 years experience of the Control system, Display and software architecture design competence in LED industry, Mr. Flood Bian led the LED software/hardware design of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony, he participated in on-site command of 10,000 sqm Light Cube at National Day ceremony

  • Zhang WenJun
    Zhang WenJun Co-founder
    Mr. Zhang WenJun has rich experience of marketing and management, now he is responsible for the New Retail Glass Window marketing and Large inner space media marketing.Prior to YDEA, Mr Zhang WenJun served at CTRIP, the first IPO company of online travelling service. Previously he was the managing director of a listed security company and media company. 
  • Kenn Yang
    Kenn Yang Managing Director for China
    Mr Kenn Yang served in listed company of security and LED display company before YDEA, who has led the team to be the rank #1 in this sector. With a MBA degree, he has a overall marketing strategy theory combing over 15 years of entreprise management experience. He pioneered the first LED rental networking in more than hundreds of hotels in China.
  • Jacky Gao
    Jacky Gao Overseas sales director
    Mr Jacky Gao was responsible for Huawei overseas marketing management in Southern America with a rich experience.
  • Yao Jun
    Yao Jun Manufacturing director
    Mr Yao Jun particiapted in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games openning ceremony project, responsible for R&D and on-site support, who have over 5 years of embedded system development experience.
  • Song GanXiang
    Song GanXiang Supply chain director
    Engaged in LED display & control system design for 9 years, he was responsible for Shanghai 2010 World Expo main theme pavillon LED display design and transparent LED display design